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Innovations beyond Imagination – The Milo cap story (QAEC)

Have you ever thought of reducing the wastes which we are throwing every day? If not, start thinking because we don’t have much time before we sink down underwater.

How the idea came up

The nature club of QAEC is an association which is trying its level best to aware students, the future people about the importance reducing, reusing and recycling. The association conducts various programs in order to achieve this goal. Among these programs, there was a program about making wealth out of waste. This was an opportunity for students to use their talents and creativity to a whole new level. Many students were keen to participate in this program in which students have to make an attractive piece of art which can be sold at low rate. Creative ideas and objects were seen over the hall. Among those, a much attractive and unique piece of art was highly noticeable. A student of nature club (Ijulaal Ahmed Gdh. Thinadhoo Niyami ) presented a cap made out of waste packets. This idea was totally unique, so the nature club members thought that this was a golden opportunity to reduce the number of waste packets. So the next day nature club members collected hundreds of waste packets from all over the island. Thus our work started.

Things Needed

Apparently, you don’t need much. A scissors to cut the packets, then a puncher to punch those packets, and then ball of wool will do.


First the waste packets were thoroughly washed and cleaned. Then they were cut into regular shaped pieces. Small holes were made using the puncher with equal distance from one another. The holes are made in such a way that they are kept a distance from the edges. Holes were cut throughout, except for the bottom.

Then the weaving is needed. Connect the pieces one by one using the wool. A minimum of 8 pieces must join to form a cap. It depends on the diameter of your head! Then cut crescent shaped pieces for the peak and octagonal shapes for the crown top and punch through it and connect to the crown. Now your cap is ready to be worn.


The word ‘cap’ itself describes its uses. Like all other caps they are used to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, but these caps are far more special than the usual ones. First of all these are made from waste unlike other casual caps. It contains a silver coating inside, which prevents the ultraviolet rays from having a direct contact with your head. Then it got holes which reduces the dehydration rate. With these many plus factors it can be said that it is always wise to have a cap made out of waste packets while you are out in the sun. Our school use these caps in field trips , camps and also we give these caps to the visitors to our island from other counties and other islands.

ECOCARE Maldives supports all School Environment and Nature clubs throughout Maldives and appreciate their very creative initiatives. 
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