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If you haven’t done peace with mother-nature, do it now!

We human beings began our lives relying on just anything around us provided by nature. We have used from root to leaves, from grains of stone to mountains, from small ponds to oceans and from any matter in the inner earth to atmospheric matters to help evolve in this earth and move along passing defined and undefined milestones marking ‘revolutions’. One thing we left behind at the first place was our mind even though we call ourselves the smarted species in this world. And I have enough facts to tell why.

Global warming, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, desertification, erosion, storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, arctic ice cap melting, rising of sea level, whitening of corals… etc. you name it, all the environmental issues are caused by human beings. If you ask me how most of the devastating disasters took place, I would say it’s all ‘man made’. and we the ‘smart human beings’ spend all our time trying to experiment and innovate methods to kill ourselves in the most harmful way. I would say we remember to bring our mind at the first place we decided to go this revolutionary.

We can also argue how smart we are testifying human creations and innovations all around. I wouldn’t deny that fact, but I refuse to believe that most of the world policy makers do their job for many generations to come. Consequently they decide only for today, in other words, they only see up to their nose tip. Why I say this, I bet you all know. Or if you don’t, then take this simple example. World policy makers won’t agree on changing to renewable energy or promote energy efficiency because oil may lose its ruling over the world, or today’s masters will lose all their puppets. What they don’t know is that they can’t run the show if there is no circus.

But only thing which stands between success and we is our perception. So let’s not try to be skeptic over environmental issues. Or at least let’s not be enemies of environment if we can’t be friends to it. Think about the earth which gives us shelter, think about the mother-nature which holds the balance for us to live upon, think about every single thing and how important it is to our survival despite the size, matter or interest. Be kind to our environment!

Happy Environment Day to you all. Do something extraordinary and save yourself and others.

*Article also appeared on Hasan A. Hilmy’s (Lycoze) blog

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