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Gardening in Vilingili; Environmental & Economical Benefits flow in

Plants in Pots, this is seen throughout Vilingili

Vilinigili, not more than 10 minutes away from Capital Male’ in a ferry is now regarded as the Garden Village.

Before, and after Vilingili became a Garden Village, an engine-vehicle free zone, I often make visits to the land of beauty.

I felt the place as the best hide-out from the busy City life of bustling Male’.

Since the colonization of people in Vilingili in the mid 1990s, natural vegetation and personally managed gardens, and backyard farms are common.

Throughout my visits, I get inspired by the gardeners and their hard work. Their work is not only environmental; it also becomes economical at a point.

Home Gardening

Aminath Abdullah; Observing the Garden

Aminath Abdulla is one among the successful middle aged, home-gardeners who makes a living out of gardening. Inspired by her hard work, in maintaining a good sales throughout Vilingili and especially to those who come from Male’, I thought I would personally meet this middle-aged mother who had been in business for years.

I was given a warm welcome into her house, which is not so far from the Vilingili Garden which is almost in the South Western centre of the island.

Aminath, whom I later reffered as Amina’tha, guided me the plantations. It became more than just a surprise. Apart from the flowering and non-flowering plants arranged in the front yard of her house, she had a lot more on the roof. This is the first time, I got onto a roof of a house which is not of mine. I bet, the environmental beauty inspired me more than being scared.

Speaking to me, while walking through the flower gardens, Amina’tha showed me plants and trees which she had bought from islands across the country and the ones she had imported. She also noted difficulties in importing such plants and trees for business.

Gardening – a major source of income

This is where business angle pops in with a surprise.Amina’tha said, in the months with poor plantations as well, she can make a profit of over Mrf.10,000. This is more than double of the basic government salary!Her work cannot be summed up as an easy one thought.Each and every single, seedling to plant needs personal care, weeding, feeding and harvesting.

Amina’tha also explained to me that, plants and trees grow well almost all year around.Amina’tha is happy and proud, to be a woman who earns and manages a family even at her age.

Some plants from Aminath Abdullah's Garden

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