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ECOCARE welcomes Cabinet decision to go Solar in 29 islands

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ECOCARE Maldives welcomes the decision by the Cabinet to invest on solar charged electricity in 29 islands in the Maldives. ECOCARE Maldives supports the Governments endless efforts to invest more on green economy and sustainable development in the country. This shows the Governments commitment to make Maldives a Carbon-Neutral country by 2020.

The Cabinet has agreed to provide 29 small islands in the country, electricity through the more renewable source of solar energy. The Government Gazette reads that:

Small islands with less population in the Maldives which have low quality electricity plants cost a lot compared to the less amount of energy that is being consumed. Therefore it was finalized by the Cabinet to put forward an action plan for a solar energy project. 29 islands are identified where this project will undergo after the process of contract finance followed by the bidding of tender.

The 29 islands are as follows; 

1. Haa Alif atoll Molhadhoo 2. Haa Alif atoll Baarah 3. Haa Alif atoll Thakandhoo 4. Haa Alif atoll Thuraakunu 5. Haa Alif atoll Muraidhoo 6. Haa Dhaal atoll Hirimaradhoo 7. Shaviyani atoll Maaungoodhoo 8. Shaviyani atoll Lhaimagu 9. Shaviyani atoll Noomaraa 10. Noonu atoll Henbadhoo 11. Noonu atoll Foddhoo 12. Noonu atoll Magoodhoo 13. Raa atoll Fainu 14. Raa atoll Inguraidhoo 15. Meemu atoll Dhiggaru 16. Meemu atoll Raiymandhoo 17. Faafu atoll Dharanboodhoo 18. Dhaalu atoll Bandidhoo 19. Dhaalu atoll Maaen’boodhoo 20. Thaa atoll Madifushi 21. Thaa atoll Gaadhihfushi 22. Thaa atoll Buruni 23. Thaa atoll Dhiyamigili  24. Thaa atoll Thimarafushi 25. Laamu atoll Gaadhoo 26. Laamu atoll Isdhoo 27. Laamu atoll Kunahandhoo 28. Laamu Gan Mathimaradhoo ward  29. Laamu Gan Mukurimagu road 

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