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ECOCARE Maldives takes part in the First National Stakeholders Conference on Declaring Maldives a Bi

First National Stakeholders Conference on declaring Maldives as a Biosphere Reserve (Photo: President’s Office)

Two of our Volunteer Staff, Mr. Mohamed Affan and Mr. Maeed M. Zahir attended the First National Stakeholders Conference on declaring Maldives a Biosphere Reserve, that was held at Bandos Island Resort on 8th November 2012.

Our participants stressed all relevant authorities to formulate important and necessary laws and regulations that should be in place before we start going any further in to the process. They also advocated on the importance to re-evaluate or re-structure existing enforcement mechanisms and practice in order to ensure true conservation and protection.

Our staff highlighted the importance on creating a mechanism to co-exist and engage focused awareness to change the negative perception and attitudes among some stakeholders, which is causing clashes of interest and governance issues as well as moral and ethical issues that cause direct or indirect effect on the conservation and preservation of Environment and all species that live in it.

ECOCARE Maldives, supports the vision to make the Maldives a Biosphere reserve, and supports all actors in their efforts to make this possible. We firmly believe that the Maldives is indeed a very “beautiful special” place, a place that has the full potential to be recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and we are ready to work hand in hand with everyone to make this dream a reality.

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