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ECOCARE Maldives supports and stand committed with the Earth Hour Movement


ECOCARE Maldives believes and stands strongly by the Global Earth Hour movement, promoting the concept of “uniting people to protect the planet”. We believe in the cause and stand committed supporting the global idea. ECOCARE Maldives has been a partner of the Earth Hour Maldives initiative from the very beginning as Maldives celebrated its first Earth Hour in 2009.

This year ECOCARE Maldives, keeping its 6th year of commitment, will support the Earth Hour Maldives Country team to organize trainings and awareness, advocating on pressing Environmental issues, those related to the dire consequences of Climate Change, Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Environmental Practice.

Earth Hour has been a platform for environmentalists, activists and environmental practitioners to join and come together advocating on the importance of mass energy reduction and resorting sustainable non-conventional energy resources.

Today the 60 minutes “Earth Hour lights off event” has evolved into a larger global initiative, going beyond the hour and now becoming a huge global movement of like-minded individuals and organizations collectively working for the planet, to protect its vital and much fragile environmental systems. We strongly believed that Earth Hour movement could be a driving force for global change in the way we think and act on environmental conservation.

We ask all corporates, institutions, organizations and civil societies to “Use Your Power” and take part in this global movement. We ask all individuals and community groups through out the country to organize activities, and events to promote the movement, we ask all institutions to promote sustainable Environment practices and support the Earth Hour cause.

“Within each one of us is the power to achieve greatness. No action is too big or too small. Join the mission to protect our planet”.

We also would like to take this opportunity to encourage and recognize the efforts by the Earth Hour Maldives County Team for the amazing work they have been doing, and we salute the Scout Association of Maldives for facilitating the team in Maldives.

For more information on Earth Hour Maldives visit:

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