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“Don’t Cage Dolphins!” – ECOCARE Maldives

ECOCARE Maldives condemns the Cabinets approval to lease lagoon for the development of a Dolphin Park in the Maldives. Dolphins in the Maldives is a Protect Marine species since 15 May 1993. Whether the dolphins in question are imported in to the country or whether it is captive born and trained, ECOCARE Maldives stand strongly opposed to the concept of captivity/cage (enclosed in lagoon) of these marine mammals. We should not encourage the development of such facilities and centers in the country.

According to the government gazette, the Cabinet on October 4 deliberated on a paper presented by the Finance Ministry and approved the proposal to lease the lagoon located between Thilafushi and Baros to Mansoor as decided by the National Planning Council. The Cabinet decided to lease the lagoon situated between Thilafushi and Baros (N 55’15 4 degree, E 18’25 73) to famous Maldivian tennis player Mr. Amir Mansoor for 21 years.

ECOCARE Maldives have launched a campaign against the decision by the Cabinet to lease the lagoon for the development of this Dolphin Park and Dolphin training center. Join our campaign on Facebook “Don’t Cage Dolphins” to voice out your concerns on this issue.

ECOCARE Maldives is joined with “Protect Us” an animal rights activists group also based in Maldives in this campaign. To join our campaign contact us on our campaign/cause page on Facebook.

Check out ECOCARE Maldives post by Azan Abdulla :  A dolphin Park? Or a dolphin cage?

Also find a petition by The Nautical Tribe : STOP the proposed Dolphin Lagoon in the Maldives!

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