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“Dolphin Lagoon” decision might be reconsidered

On March 18th 2012, Cabinet Secretary Mr. Abdullah Nazeer responded to the letter sent to the President’s office by Ecocare Maldives Chairperson Mr. Mohamed Zahir (Meem Zaviyani) regarding the 14th October 2011 cabinet decision to approve the lease of a lagoon for the for the development of a Dolphin lagoon in Maldives.  Ecocare Maldives strongly condemns the decision and calls the government to reconsider the decision, considering the impacts that may cause due to the development of such a dolphin lagoon in the country.

Please find an English translation of the letter below. (Translation by Hussain M. Haneef – Ecocare Maldives)

Dear, Mr. Mohamed Zahir With best wishes and regards, We would like to inform you our stand regarding you letter of concern expressing the negative impacts which may cause to the environment by the development of a “Dolphin Lagoon”, as passed by the cabinet meeting of 4th October 2011. The Government of Maldives, with regard to many concerns raised by both national and international organizations about the negative impacts which may cause to our environment due to the development of a dolphin lagoon in the Maldives, has decided that, the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture shall research furthermore, about the impacts as predicted and shall submit the matter to the cabinet again. The Government will then, based on the findings and conclusions of this research, after discussing the matter in the cabinet, will decide whether to permit or not, the development of a dolphin lagoon. Please consider our utmost respect. Yours In Service Abdulla Nazeer Cabinet Secretary
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