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Since the arrival of mankind on our planet, we have colonized the four pinnacles of earth and declared ourselves masters above all other species. Armed by our status as Homo sapiens sapiens priding with the power to think and extraordinary brain power altogether, humanity has rule this planet for centuries with great power. But with great power comes responsibility. Therefore, we have a great responsibility towards other animals that inhabit earth for they too are the rightful inheritors of our planet.

Animal rights have justifiably become a really big social issue in today’s world. Environmentalists and naturalists all over the world have risen to advocate the rights of our fellow creatures. The most basic and vital right that all animals deserve is the right to life, in the context that no animals should be killed without reason. This doesn’t mean we all have to turn vegetarians or anything. Guys, I am not saying that you shouldn’t turn vegetarian for medical reasons but in an environmental perspective being vegetarian cause more damage than good. This is mainly, because for the continual survival of animals and humans alike, we need to maintain the delicate balance of life that we call the ecosystem.

Some of the reasons how being vegetarian destroys this delicate balance stands thus:-

1) For starters, when people stop eating animal products we solely depend on plants for our food. This causes of overusing plant produce and thereby, limiting the food of the very animals we are trying to protect.

2) Plants are important for life. And if we stop eating animal produce, then plants would be the sole source of nutrition. And therefore, chance of plants going extinct is there.

3) Animals contain necessary proteins which humans can’t get from any plant anywhere in the world. So it is vital for our well being to eat animals.

4) The environment would get polluted if the number of plants decreases drastically and efficient gaseous exchange is not taken place.

So the answer is definitely not, turning vegetarian then what is the answer? It is the use of the methods of sustainable development in protecting animals too. For example hunting animals for fun, culture, pride, games should be stopped immediately. Even the animals we need to kill to eat, we should use efficient breeding methods.

For example: – In order to get chicken meat, we should not kill the baby chicks and a pair or two of a hen and a rooster should always be there for the sole purpose of breeding therefore more of this animal will continue to be born in this world. If we take another example more relevant to our country, where fish is the primary source of food, overfishing should not be practiced and fishing of entire shoals of fish should not be allowed and fishing in certain regions can be stopped in order to insure the survival of the species. I would like to take an example of a sad event that took place a few years back. A bunch of fisherman from the island of, HDH. Dhidhoo in order to challenge the Maumoon administration threw loads of freshly caught fishes into the Atoll office in protest to the decrease in the price rates at which fish was sold to foreign ships etc. I feel that this was a major violation of the rights of these fish as all of them had died for no reason and it was a great loss in an economic perspective too.

In less trivial issues than their right to life, animals should also be treated with kindness. Some of you may ask, why? They are just animals. Why should we treat them kindly? The simplest answer that I could give you is we are human. And one of the basic characteristic of our race is humanity. Being humane. And as humane beings we should be kind to those creatures who are our fellows in sharing this earth. We can be kind to animals by showing basic gestures like feeding some milk or a piece of dry fish to a hungry street cat or simply by avoiding hurting any animal in any possible way.

Protecting animals are very important for our survival. We are all part of the same ecosystem, the same cycle of life in which each factor or element depends on the other. The truth is, we need these animals to survive ourselves. So we should protect them for our own sake if not for theirs. Nature has made us all its sons and daughters irrespective of our nation, color or even species. Therefore we should all be able to coexist peacefully enjoying the fruits of Mother Nature.

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